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 The Modification Committee (MC) is responsible for reviewing and approving ALL changes or additions to the exterior of all homes. This includes exterior changes to the front, back, and side yards. Along with any changes to the home from the original construction, including but not limited to color changes and door/window changes and landscape updates.  The goal is to maintain our quality Community- Wide Standards, ensure harmony of esthetics and design of the homes and to maintain and enhance property values of the Eagle Point Golf Community. 

Modification Request Submittal Guidelines

  1. EPGCHA members are required to submit a “Modification Request Form” before starting any project that is subject to the Modification Committee’s review and approval. MC has up to 45 days to review and respond to submittals. (The MC typically responds within 21 days)

  2. Submittals should be sent to:

  3. The subject line on your email should include the property address and what type of request you are submitting (123 Eagle Point Road-Painting Request)

  4. A complete submittal packet is mandatory at time of submission. 

  5. Approval of a project by the Modification Committee does not mitigate the owner or builder from complying with local zoning and building codes or other requirements of governing agencies.


Modification Request Forms


MC has up to 45 business days to review and respond to submittals

Send all submittals and questions to:

Taryn Nugent,, or 541-385-7799, ext. 709


General Guidelines

1. Should the Modification Committee need/request any additional information, processing of your request will be deferred until the additional information is received.

2. The Owner agrees that no work on this request shall commence until approval in writing is received. Immediate fines can be levied for starting a project without written approval from the Committee.

3. Once approved, the painting project must be completed within the approved timeline (90 days).Work must not unreasonably interfere with neighboring properties.

4. The “Notice of Completion” form must be returned to Fieldstone upon completion of the project.

5. The owner agrees that the Modification Committee has the right to inspect all finished work (after receiving the Notice of Completion Form) in order to determine that the approved request was appropriately installed.

6. Request from owners with delinquent accounts will be denied on the basis of delinquency. Once the account is current the homeowner may submit the Modification Request again.

7. The owner has the responsibility to ensure that contractors are following all governing documents including, but not limited to regulations on signs, approved construction days and times (no work allowed on Sundays or Holidays) and cleaning up the debris that may be associated with the project.

8. Misrepresentation of any items in the submittal packet will void any approval by the Modification Committee.


Contact Information


Taryn Nugent

541-385-7799, ext. 709


177 Alta Vista Rd., Suite B

Eagle Point, OR 97524

Modification Committee Members: 

Kay Stier 

Bill Watson

Susan Roach

Dave Newell

Modification Committee Support