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The below information is for Privately Owned or privately purchased Lots 
Declarant owned or lots purchased from the Declarant click here

The DRC is responsible for reviewing and approving all submittals for new homes to be constructed within the community. Our goal is to maintain our quality community-wide standard; ensuring harmony of esthetics and design amongst the homes and ensuring the property values of Eagle Point Golf Community.

HOA Reference documents - Please review prior to construction submittal:

HOA Governing Documents & Schedule of Fines

Design Review Committee Guidelines 

DRC Landscaping Guidelines


Submittal Guidelines


30-days prior to construction, completed application packets must be received by the DRC. The subject line on your email should include the property address and lot number (Ex: 123 Eagle Point Road, Lot #5).

Submittals should be sent to:


Please carefully review each checklist prior to submission.  A complete submittal packet is mandatory at time of submission. 


Submittal Packet 


  1. Submission Guidelines

  2. Application

  3. DRC Requirement Checklist 

  4. Stormwater Plan Worksheet


Please see the Sample Completed Submission as an example of what the DRC is looking for.  


Installation of the following must be submitted and approved in writing before construction can begin:


  • New Home Construction

  • Additions or Exterior Remodels

  • Fencing Layout, Stain, & Materials 

  • In-ground Pools/Hot Tubs

  • Landscaping/Hardscapes/Water Features


For above items not directly addressed on the DRC submittal packet, please submit a scaled site plan with dimensions and applicable setbacks of your project, a copy of the permit from the city (if applicable), and a design layout or elevation showing proposed changes


Packets submitted without all items listed on checklist will not be reviewed.

DRC has 45 days to review and respond in writing to a full submission.


General Guidelines:


  1. Main dwelling to be minimum of 1800 sf of finished living space if single story.  Please see supplemental declarations or Design Guidelines for specific requirements for each phase.


  1. Building heights and setbacks shall be in accordance with City of Eagle Point building code and Eagle Point Golf Community CC&Rs.

  2. All changes/additions to the lot including but not limited to landscaping, hardscapes, water features, sheds, gazebos, pergolas, pools, hot tubs or any other change must be submitted to the DRC for review prior to the start of project.

  3. All auxiliary structures shall be complimentary to the main dwelling and shorter in height than the main structure.  All homes are single family residences. 

  4. All DRC approvals are good for 12 months. If construction is not started within 12 months of approval, the owner is required to re-submit project for consideration.

  5. Construction will be completed within 10 months of approval date.

  6. Any submissions submitted prior to Certificate of Occupancy will be reviewed by the DRC, when Certificate of Occupancy is received from the City of Eagle Point, all new submissions must be sent to the Modification Committee (MC) for review. Please visit the Modification Committee page for more information. 

Contractor Standards and Ethics

  • ​Contractors and sub-contractors shall restrict volume levels of radios and associated players.

  • No pets shall be permitted on construction site or anywhere on property.

  • Construction activity shall be limited between the hours of 7AM -7PM, Monday through Saturday.

  • Construction activity is not allowed during Federal Holidays or Sundays holidays include:

    • New Year’s Day

    • Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    • Presidents Day

    • Memorial Day

    • Independence Day

    • Labor Day

    • Columbus Day

    • Veterans Day

    • Thanksgiving Day 

    • Christmas Day

  • All equipment for storage/ disposal of refuse shall be kept clean and sanitary. Waste removal is to occur on a regular basis.

  • Contractor and property owner shall keep streets clean and free of construction materials. Mud and other track-out shall be removed from streets immediately.

  • No signs shall be erected on site other than one (1) sign approved by developer.


Contact Information:

Send all submittals to:

DRC Members:

Don Craig 

Jared Dusha

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